Professional results, always.

Wpro offers a range of accessories to provide professional results suitable to all brands of household appliances.
Wpro range

Our offer aims to meet three main needs that relate household appliances: installation, performance and maintenance.

  • Performance

    To achieve better performance of appliances.

  • Installation

    Practical solutions for optimal installation.

  • Maintenance

    To ensure care and maintenance of appliances

We are the home appliance specialist.

We were born out of professionalism.
We achieve professional level results.

This makes us unique.

This makes us the leader.

This makes us the expert.

We are your cleaner,

your handyman,

your plumber.

We walk beside you.

We give you personal expert support.

Professional performance

Wpro was born from a professional heritage.

Its products never compromise on achieving professional results.


Wpro only sells major domestic appliances and small domestic appliances accessories so it is able to develop a focused range of specialised products.


Wpro products are differentiated from other specialist accessories

in the major domestic appliances market as they are suitable for all brands of home appliances.

Professional results, always.