Versatile, flexible, efficient.

New Indesit eXtra: preserving perfection.

The perfect place to store your food.

  • Flexi use box
  • Multi task zone
  • Freezer openspace
  • Sliding shelves
  • Black out sensor
  • Tiny display
  • The Flexi Use Box allows you to store your meat, fish and vegetables at the perfect temperature. You choose where to position it: the 0° shelf, ideal for meat and fish, or the 5° shelf, for your fruit and veg.

  • The New Extra by Indesit is great to multitasking, just like you. Its special Multi Task Zone can be used both as a vegetable box or a bottle container.

    Practical and flexible plastic cover.
    Easy opening.
    Extra spacious: fits up to five 2-liter bottles.

  • All the space you need. Your eXtra cooling appliance provides removable shelves and drawers, so you can enjoy all the space you need to freeze your food.

    Two drawers and an easily-removable shelf.
    38% extra space for bulky foods, or to fit more food items.

  • Find anything at a glance. Indesit eXtra fridges feature smart sliding shelves, so you can always find what you’re looking for.

    Easy to pull out due to their ergonomic profile.
    7 cm more visibility on the inside of your fridge.

  • Keep cool!

    The Indesit eXtra Black Out Sensor is a smart alert system that monitors the freshness of your food, if there’s a power shortage. The sensor will alert you when food should be consumed within seven days, for instance, or whether should be removed from the fridge.

  • With the external interface Tiny display you have instant control of your refrigerator’s temperature.

    Simple, functional, intuitive.
    With Super Freeze function.