In Need of a New Dryer?
Use this handy guide to help you pick the best one for you

Tired of waiting for your laundry to dry? Do your clothes lose that nice freshly-washed scent because they’ve been on the clothes line too long?
It’s time to get a tumble dyer. Pop the laundry in, let it do its job, and enjoy!

But there are a few things to bear in mind, in order to pick the best tumble dryer for you. Let this brief guide help you.

Ready? Let’s get to it!

1. Pick a colour!

Colour is a key element that goes into designing a beautiful kitchen. Don’t overlook it!

Common colours for household appliances are white, black and stainless steel. These are versatile colours, and they can easily fit in with your existing colour scheme. Remember: you might want to add a bit of contrast—by picking a white appliance, if your overall colour scheme is dark, for instance.

2. Pull out the tape measure!

Space and time have one thing in common: there never seems to be enough of either.
Before purchasing your tumble dryer, make sure you’ve sized up the space you have available!

Also, remember to allow about 10cm between your appliance and the wall, for venting.

Oh, and don’t forget to measure the width of the doors in your house! You wouldn’t want to receive your shiny new appliance, only to discover it can’t get through the front door!

3. Know your needs

There are different kinds of dryers. We’ve summarised a few of the key points of the more common ones, below, to help you find the one that best meets your needs. Hope it helps!

Vented option

Vented dryers work by circulating warm air through the laundry, causing the water residue to evaporate. They are an effective and affordable solution.

Remeber, vented dryers require a external duct, to convey the moist air outside.

Condenser option

Condenser dryers condense the excess water, and pump it out into a tank or into the drain via a hose. They are easy to place, because they don’t require an external duct.

Condenser dryers often come with lots of fancy features, so make sure to check them out!

Sensor option

Smart sensor dryers automatically detect the levels of humidity in the load. This allows them to switch off when the clothes are dry, without having to wait for the timer to end. This is why sensor dryers offer great savings when it comes to bills, as your cycles will only last as long as they have to.

With smart sensor dryers, you can also select the humidity level you want for your clothes. A slightly humid clothing item (at about 10% humidity) is a lot easier to iron, and provides better results.

Heat pump option

Heat pump dryers dry your laundry by heating the air via a heat pump. Humidity from the clothing is then collected in a water tank, and the air is heated up again to dry your clothes. They are very versatile, and are easy to place in your house, because they don’t require external ducts and don’t generate moist air in the area of your home that houses them.
Condenser dryers are also very resource efficient!

4. Weigh your laundry

…OK, perhaps not literally (although actually weighing it would be useful). But do carefully consider the average amount of laundry you and your family produce: it will determine the drum capacity of your new appliance, and this is one of the key pieces of info you need to take into account before making your purchase.

Also bare in mind that washing capacity and drying capacity are two different things, expressed by two different values. So make sure to take note of them both.

5. Pick your perks

Indesit dryers come equipped with a number of great features, including special cycles, increased energy efficiency, reduced water consumption, etc.

When planning your purchase, take the time to consider which ones you will need.  

Here’s a selection of features Indesit dryers have to offer.

Fast Iron

The Fast Iron option ensures the best humidity settings are applied.

Your dry laundry will retain just the right amount humidity to provide you with effortless, better ironing.

Memo Option

Set it and forget it! The Memo option allows you to save your favourite or most frequent dryer settings.

Next time you have laundry to dry, your dryer will be ready to go!

Shoe Rack

The special Shoe Rack accessory allows you to place your shoes in the dryer vertically, ensuring outstanding drying results and care for your shoes.