2 seconds. 1 button. 0 hassle.

A word from Hubby: When it comes to home appliances, simple is better.

2 seconds. 1 button. 0 hassle.

I have a confession to make. One that is somewhat embarrassing, for a man.

Here goes: home appliances are a complete mystery to me. There, I said it.

Laptop won’t connect? I can sort that out, easy. Leak under the kitchen sink? I’m your man. Got a painting that needs hanging? Just tell me where. But when it comes to figuring out the programs and cycles on a washing machine...I’m lost. As in: completely lost.

That’s a problem. But if you consider that my wife is pregnant with our second little baby, it’s more than a problem. Because I’m meant to step in, help her out, let her concentrate on the tiny miracle growing in her belly. Yet, I always end up standing there, laundry basket in my hands, staring at the washing machine as if it were some sort of mysterious enigma.

So, I did what any self-respecting, DIY sort of guy would do. I turned to the Internet.

And found exactly what I was after: Indesit’s Innex line. A few clicks and a little waiting later, and our new washing machine was there in front of me. Using it was literally as simple as 1-2-3, with its special Push&Wash feature.

Load it, press a button. That’s it. Literally.

No need to set a program every time you have to wash the laundry, no fiddling around with  dials or multiple buttons. And 45 minutes later, the laundry is perfectly clean.

Of course, our Indesit Innex washing machine has a lot of other programs and features (ECO cycle, Anti-Odour cycle, an inverter motor and a lot more). I’m sure Wifey will be more than happy to explore them all.

Me? I’m perfectly happy using the Push&Wash feature.

And the best part in all this is that my wife can relax, knowing I’m getting the job done.

You can find out more about Indesit’s Innex line here.